Designing a new home, renovation or addition can seem to be a daunting task. Feeling comfortable with your Design Professional is critical to success. Green River Design feels the most important part of the Process is the trust and confidence we earn by listening and understanding your needs.

We start with a Client meeting to determine the "Program" and budget for the Project. Based on current costs in the field for similar types of construction, a preliminary cost estimate is produced. With this determined, Design can proceed within a parameter defined by the Program and budget outline.

The next most important element to be considered is site orientation. Proper placement of the Project in the site is critical and much thought is given to how this happens, including approach, entry, views, landscape & daylighting.

A digital 3D model & site plan is produced in the Design phase to accurately determine the relationship of site components, materials, color, light & shadows. Full color 3D elevations are produced that accurately reflect Project Design. Plans are produced with 2D CAD software illustrating the scale & relationship of Project components.

Construction Documentation consists of all the drawings, details and specifications required to construct the Project, including site plan, floor plans, framing plans, foundation plan, sections, details & elevations. All Construction Documentation is produced under the direct supervision of a qualified, licensed Structural Engineer licensed in the State of issue & is reviewed, signed & stamped by the Structural Engineer.

Construction Administration Services are available as the Project is being constructed to help insure the Project is built according to specifications outlined in the Contract Documents.